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BigHawgh's PURFECTED Spice Blends an' Thangs

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BigHawgh's DELTA Seasonin' fer ALL Reasonin'
& BigHawgh's Righteous DELTA Rub

If'n y'all ain't frum 'roun heah,
an' wanna try sum of mah
Delta Seasonin' fer ALL Reasonin'
or Mis'sippi Delta Rub
you can order it strait from me here
or by email at
or by phone at 662-392-1441.
I can invoice you thru PayPal or you can mail me ah check to:
P O Box 26, Merigold, MS 38759

15 oz.  $10.00 ea. - S&H $7.50 - for up to 3

30 oz.   $20.00 ea. - S&H $7.50 for 1 or $15.00 for up to 3!

Comin SOON!!
BigHawgh's Magical Marinade & BigHawgh's Bodacious BBQ Sauce

We sell our commercially packaged BBQ (Bar B Que) Sauce, Seasoning Rub and Seasoning Spices to everyone!

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An', if'n any of y'all need any Cookin' or Caterin' done, I IS Yo' MAN!
Frum Intimate Gatherins in yo' Home to Feedin' tha' Multitudes!
Frum Weddins' to Full Blown WhoopDeDoos!!

I will Cook Anything, Anywhere, at Anytime, for Anybody!!
I ain't No Chef, jus' ah Redneck What Cooks GUD!!!
Call me! Let's Talk!!!

Pricin' is based on WHAT You Want; WHEN You Want IT; WHERE You Want It AT; an' HOW MANY You Want It FOR!!